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  • How do I identify that my argan oil is pure?
    Its aroma is very soft, almost imperceptible Golden colour Heavy consistency since if it is light it is less pure
  • What makes Arganelix different?
    Arganelix handles a very thorough and extensive quality control, purity tests are carried out from its origin to its destination (Morocco-Mexico). This ensures that the properties remain intact. ​ For us it is vital to maintain the quality and purity of our product. That is why each process is taken care of in a specific and detailed way. To provide an excellent product to all our consumers.
  • How long does it take to see results?
    From the first application, you will notice smoother and more hydrated skin. ​ To obtain permanent results, constant use is recommended for at least 3 months. ​ Over time, the skin acquires greater elasticity, it looks and feels cleaner, and expression lines and blemishes fade noticeably. The secret lies in the consistency and frequency of use over time.
  • Why do pimples appear in the first uses of my Arganelix all pure?
    It is a symptom of detoxification, the skin releases toxins and outbreaks appear. Don't worry, keep using it to cleanse your skin and keep it always purified, the breakouts will disappear and your skin will stay clean and young.
  • Can it help with acne?
    Arganelix all pure is a perfect helper for acne as it helps prevent the formation of bacteria, and at the same time regenerates the wound. In this way we prevent consequences.
  • How should I use it on burns?
    Apply it around the blister, when it pops, use it on the entire burn. You can also use it immediately after getting burned, remember that it is a powerful regenerator.
  • Why do they call it Liquid Gold?
    It is called Liquid Gold of Morocco since it is like a jewel (due to its rich properties) very representative of that country. Argan oil can only be produced naturally in Morocco, which is why it is a hallmark of that nation.
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